Since Mar 2013

Kamani Jain


The Ten Commandments of Zumba Kam

1) Thou shalt not forget to register online prior to coming to class.

2) Thou shalt remember to invite thy friends to Zumba Kam.

3) Thou shalt leave a review on Yelp for Zumba Kam.

    4) Thou shalt clean their mind, body and soul with a great class of Zumba.

    5) Thou shalt go to Dr. Zumba Kam to treat a hangover.

    ) Thou shalt attempt greatness by going to classes 3x a week.

    Thou shalt prioritize their health with Zumba first.

    Thou shalt take advantage of the cash discount for classes at Zumba Kam

    9) Thou shalt not forget to like Zumba Kam on social media.

    10) Thou shalt help come up with the 10th commandment.